Ash Isaac

Full-Stack Engineer

Cloud Architect, AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional)

Employment: Currently working at MedNet Solutions on an Enterprise SaaS software product.
(612) 590-1491
Minneapolis, MN

Fleetwoods Inc.

Using Python and the wxPython GUI Toolkit, built a MES system to manage the Shop Floor, generate PDF reports and give real-time information on the state of production jobs and orders.

  • Replaced buggy and unstable legacy production scheduler with a networked, secure GUI application.
  • Automated generation of complex reports in PDF format
  • Designed and implmented a Shop Floor Controller module to track and manage Product parts across 25 Routes and 20+ stations. The software was designed to be installed on a thin-client with the ability to send and receive notifications and print partlists in PDF format.
  • Also integrated with QuickBooks and Biesse CNC Woodworking machine.

Python, wxPython (wxWidgets C++ Toolkit), ReportLab, Windows Server 2008, MySQL, QuickBooks SDK, MS Access, ADO

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