Ash Isaac

Full-Stack Engineer

Cloud Architect, AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional)

Employment: Currently working at MedNet Solutions on an Enterprise SaaS software product.
(612) 590-1491
Minneapolis, MN

Hill Manufacturing (Order Processing)

Developed an order processing application for a large producer/distributor of chemicals and chemical products. The order entry system interfaced with existing databases and allowed for custom authentication and management of salespersons, display of sales reports as well as customer and product lookups. Orders placed were captured and sent via digitally signed and encrypted email.

  • Email digital signing and encryption was done using the Swiftmailer component-based mailing library
  • Implemented an email queue and logging system to track orders placed

PHP (CodeIgniter MVC Framework), jQuery (Ajax), Swiftmail, Zurb Foundation (Frontend Framework), MySQL, Mustache (Templating Engine)

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