Ash Isaac

Full-Stack Engineer

Cloud Architect, AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional)

Employment: Currently working at MedNet Solutions on an Enterprise SaaS software product.
(612) 590-1491
Minneapolis, MN

RE/MAX Cayman Islands (PHP MVC and CMS)

  • Over 12 months, converted a legacy system built on ColdFusion, .NET 2.0, DotNetNuke, Wordpress and MSSQL into a central MVC-based CMS.
  • Imported tens of thousands of listings and several GB of images
  • Built a REST API for the consumption of subsidiary websites and a custom Agent admin area using Twitter Bootstrap
  • Generated downloadable PDF summary report for listings and automated PDF form-filling using Adobe FDF (Forms Data Format)

PHP/MVC (CodeIgniter), FuelCMS, REST/JSON, SOAP, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MySQL, ColdFusion, Wordpress, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery

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