Ash Isaac

Full-Stack Engineer

Cloud Architect, AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional)

Employment: Currently working at MedNet Solutions on an Enterprise SaaS software product.
(612) 590-1491
Minneapolis, MN

TREK (Tigerpaw Resource Kit)

Tigerpaw is an ERP system for the centralized management of contacts, sales, services and inventory. The TREK toolkit is a Tigerpaw addon for power users, allowing system-wide changes and allowing the setup of scheduled tasks.

  • Used WPF/C#/XAML to build a GUI frontend to run system-wide operations on the Tigerpaw database.
  • Integration with Windows Task Scheduler
  • Advanced logging to track status of scheduled tasks
  • Allows encrypted storage of connection information to simplify usage
  • Designed an XML-based licensing system with a web management interface integrated with an online store and CMS.

C#, .NET MVC, WPF, Web API, Rhino Licensing, SQLite

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